Muscle Memory

by Specific Ocean

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released November 15, 2019

Camilla Vaitaitis - vocals, keys
Alec Wenzel - guitar
Clayton Vye - drums
Charlie Akers - bass
Kevin Cincotta - recording/mixing/mastering
Anjanette Frederick - album art


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Specific Ocean Denver, Colorado


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Track Name: Insecurity
I'm trying.
Thank you for waiting patiently,
Accepting me.

I'm close,
Closer than I have been before.
I'm sorry

I don't have to be
What I think you need.
I know you'll tell me,
I know you'll tell me.

But I'm learning.
Track Name: Bridge
She asked me what's inside my head?
I don't remember what I said.

Whenever I think about it,
Draw a blank, I'm not inspired.
What's wrong with this picture?

I took a walk into the trees,
Stuck in a constant daydream.

I want to be back in my room,
I'm nine years old, I listen to
My favorite albums start to end.

Do you remember?
Do you remember?
I try.
Track Name: Muscle Memory
Night shining clouds
High above the planet.
Running around,
Acting on some old bad habit.

But it had to happen all along,
Yeah it had to happen all along.

Watching the sky,
Watching the sky.

Watching the sky for some searchlights,
See night shining clouds I feel alright,
Calm washing over me.

You dropped the ball,
Tell me why'd you do that?
Searching for hours,
Nothing really seems for certain.

And it had to happen all along,
Yeah it had to happen all along.

I feel alright,
I feel alright.

I feel alright and at ease now,
Searchlight skies and running around,
Calm washing over me.

She's sitting here
And wishing to stay.
But it's time to go back home,
There's always next year.

Next year,
But now it's time to go back home.
Track Name: No, No
What came first?
What came first?

The silence is easy,
The silence is easy to fix.

Let's patch it up,
Let's patch it up.

Broken glass,
Broken bottles.

Hope I don't see you,
I hope I don't see you today.

Let's patch it up,
Let's patch it up.

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