San Andreas / Strangers

by Specific Ocean

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Specific Ocean's second studio release


released November 5, 2015

Greyson Elkins: vocal, guitar
Alec Wenzel: guitar
Camilla Vaitaitis: keys, vocal
Hudson Knott: bass
Clayton Vye: drums

tracked at the Specific Ocean home studio
engineered by Greyson Elkins
mastered at Lamont School of Music

photography by Hannah Dresdner
pictured is Masha Myslovskaya



all rights reserved


Specific Ocean Denver, Colorado

Specific Ocean is an independent band out of Denver, CO. They record music in their basement and write recipes in their kitchen that food-trucks wouldn't dream of.

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Track Name: San Andreas
the houses shake when the wind don’t blow
in the sun traffic sits still three hours from home
this city, their angels, they out do it

what when the china shakes and the floorboards groan
and you spoke to me like I didn’t know
I hadn’t heard a single word for all the clattter

sure stars here don’t line the pavement
our walk’s only faults are lying in leaving
and if we went to Ol’ Califrnia
the ground might break before I caught ya.

my first car broke down three days out
hitched a ride on to Jackson sat till the rain dried out,
you, me, four books, and the tube.

and that night in the bar when we tumbled and fell
right round the room and that blue light juke box
holy ghost, on the rocks, I was high as the moon

and the stars over Los Angeles,
all the buses, the beaches, the preachers, and prayers
but I left old california
cause we faught like hell
and I couldn’t afford ya

If I called you now,
would you play that card
that stronger than thou
lasted all time without
like it was so hard
like it was all that counts

well I walked out
on a weak night
on a weak weak night
Track Name: Strangers
The café patio
we always sat out on
got torn down last May
for a liquor store
where the clerk
can't even remember your name

anyone's won this game
found their way with roads all rearranged
but I'll head down
to where the band used to play
hoping to find my own way

no, I didn't want to go
I never want to go
without you

there was one girl
singing at this bar out on San Jose
with strung out christmas light last June
they were out of tune
she sounded nothing like you
but she had your same sway, your same swoon

no, I didn't want to go
I never want to go
without you

tell me where we've been
I know I've seen your face
in several states
I've lost my way
only to find you again

and all the words
that went unsaid
I don't know them
I never did
but to see your face
and know my place
is more than any boy could ask
any friend